Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From Bloomfield to St. George

Last weekend we went to St. George, Utah for a little Jones Family get-together.
This is all the Jones grandkids, all 18 of them. They are lined up according to height, not age.
Marcus, Sydney, Mathew, Holly, Benjamin, Brynley, Kaleb, Jack, Emmalynn, Bryant, Lyndsi, Cassidee, Hailey, Chase, Graysen, Chad, Boston, and Adam standing in the corner.

This is the awesome house that belongs to Nate's wife, Leesa, 's parents. If it was big enough for all six couples and their kids, and cousin Annie and her hubby, Rob, you know it was big.

One the way home we stopped at the dam that creates Lake Powell. It was pretty cool. We were on a bridge that goes over the river. The dam on one side, the trickling river on the other.
This is the dam side:
We thought of our friends, the Johnstons, as we looked at Lake Powell. Maybe we'll still get to hang out with you there someday??

This is the river side. I love the red rock cliffs.
Ok, so it's not that trickling. It is after all the mighty Colorado River.

These are just some cool rocks we saw close to the Arizona/New Mexico border.

Our pathway (which was almost soli little two lane highways that wound around cliffs and canyons and desert) from Bloomfield, NM to St. George, UT took us from NM to AZ, into UT and back to AZ, then back into Utah. No wonder it took 7 1/2 hours to get there! But there was some awesome scenery along the way.


Staceygirl said...

Is emmee out of order or what? That boy next to her looks tall. Well, that's cool that you actually kinda visited the dam at Lake Powell. I've been going there for 20 years, and we never get to stop at the dam. We always meet at the grocery store in Page and then go straight to the boat ramp. So, did you go through Fredonia or through Zion national park? I'm guessing you went the Fredonia way based on how many times you went through Arizona :) So, I actually quite love the drive through that area... I LOVE to look at the rock formations against the sky. I like to listen to U2 "Wide Awake in America" while driving. Life is good, and America is beautiful. I don't know where we'll get to hang out with you, but I'm sure we will hang out.

Leesa Marie Jones said...

Emmee was leaning forward, and that made her look shorter, but she's not.
When we told her she was in Arizona, she said, "That's where Paige lives!"
That surprised me!!