Friday, October 2, 2009

The Unpacking Mess

We got all our stuff on Wednesday. We are surrounded by boxes.
Here is our horrid unpacking mess. Actually it's only a couple of them.
Each picture show a different, separate mess of packing paper. They all happen to be taken in the same spot, the living room.

At 2:29 pm

At 2:49 pm.

At 3:05 pm

At 4:08 pm
All these pictures combined only shows about a fourth (maybe, but probably not even) of the unpacking materials.


Staceygirl said...

Oh yeah, no worries you said! Hehe... it's never quite that easy. Your little house had a LOT of stuff. After we closed, we not only had all the boxes and packing supplies from our stuff in storage, but we also bought a lot of new stuff that was also in packing materials. Seriously, we're still digging out.

Sally said...

good luck with all that! and, in your comment on my blog, were you saying you need to get your family pictures in a frame, or one of my family pictures in a frame? if it was mine, what size do you want? I have a 4x6 to send you, but I can do a different size if you want.