Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Fun

Chris came for the Labor Day weekend. We had lots of fun with Grandmama.

On Monday morning we headed to the Bloomfield sign for some pictures.

Then we went to a park in Bloomfield next to the river. Bluffs line the south side of the San Juan River. There is a nature trail along the river too.
Cassee's having fun in the sand on the bank.

Then we headed to Dan's workplace to see the building. Good job, Dan!! We are all glad you got a job!!!!!!

NAPI stands for Navajo Agricultural something something. (Irrigation might be in there somewhere too.)

Then we headed to a park in Farmington. After our picnic the kids played in the water area. Fountains shoot water up randomly. They had a blast.
They were all soaking wet for the ride home!! And no one wanted to leave. It was as fun as the pool, yet even better because it was free!!!

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