Friday, September 11, 2009

The Undaunted

I wasn't aware that Gerald Lund had recently published a new book called The Undaunted. It is the story of the pioneers that came through the Hole-in-the-Rock. They started the settlements in the southeast corner of Utah.
For my birthday my wonderful mother-in-law gave me the book. I loved his other books and was very excited to read this new one as well. (Even though I didn't know it existed before she handed it to me last weekend.)
I happen to be a terrible mom, wife and housekeeper when I'm in the middle of a good book. I can't stop reading to attend to other things. I couldn't finish it fast enough. I started Monday night or Tues. morning (I can't remember, see how bad I am) and finally finished it this morning. It's over 800 pages long, it's massive! (Cassee has watched way too much television these last few days.)
It was fabulous. (Thank you so much for giving it to me, Chris!)
This story has special meaning to Dan's family on the Jones' side. The people in this story are his ancestors from the family tree. One of the leaders, Jens Nielson is a great-great-great (I'm not sure how many, the pedigree chart is in a storage unit) grandfather to Dan's dad. He was an important leader and was a main (real) character in the book. He was also a main (real) character in another book by Gerald Lund, The Fire of the Covenant, the story of the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies that crossed the plains. Also an excellent book.
These pioneers went through so much to do what the Lord asked them to do . They are an inspiration to me. I have grown to love these pioneer ancestors so much as I've learned about their trips and trials. I know that I'm not a direct descendant, however, my children are! I hope that I can teach them to love these ancestors as well.
It's an amazing story. You can look at pictures of the areas and learn more about it at the website:
Thanks again Chris, I thoroughly loved this book. And I definitely didn't wait for Dan to read it together!


Grandmama said...

WOW! You finished the book already?!! I wondered why there weren't more pictures and blogs on the kids' sites. Now I know. I'm so glad that you love the family and the history too. You are a pioneer in Bloomfield! I love you. Hope your birthday was Happy!

Staceygirl said...

I've hiked hole in the rock several times at Lake Powell. When you get to the top, there is a book that you can sign and write comments in, and it always says things like, "Crazy Mormons!" Well, they were kinda crazy... they went through a lot of hardship to do what they did. I am in awe as well.