Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Brexton

We added to our family this summer with Brexton Lee Jones.
He was born on June 27 at 5:56 in the morning.  He weighed in at 7lb. 12 oz., was 21.5 inches long with lots of dark hair on the back of his head.  Not so much on the top.  He came out kinda looking like Dan!
It's exciting to have another baby to hold, but we sure do have our hands full now.

Happy  Mommy

Happy Daddy

Happy Brothers and Sisters

3 Years as New Mexicans

We've reached another year's milestone of living here.  We've now been here for three years!

Here's the picture taken right after moving here in Aug. 2009.  Only three kids.

Here's the picture in Aug. 2010.  Andrew joined the family.

Aug. 2011.

Currently with five kids in 2012.  Brexton joined the family in June.

And yes, there are three different signs from different directions coming into Bloomfield, and we've now taken a picture at every one of them.

Dan loves his job here at Turbo Care.  Leesa loves all the activities she's in as well, PTA, MOPS, teaching piano lessons, etc, etc, etc...  The kids are in soccer and piano lessons, and Emmalynn clogs.  Emmalynn started 3rd grade, Cassidee 1st grade, and Adam is in preschool this year.  We are all healthy and happy with great friends from school and church.

Life as we know it is good.