Saturday, April 16, 2011

Passing the Blame

The other day there was a book on the floor in the family room. It was a chapter book from a higher shelf the kids really don't mess with. I said to the kids "who took this book off the shelf?"
Emmalynn said, "I didn't, it was probably Cassee."
Cassee said, "No I didn't, it was Adam!"
Adam said, "I didn't, Andrew did."
(Andrew is 10 months old and doesn't walk or stand by himself yet.)
Who do you think is obviously telling the lie? I had a feeling Adam took out the book.
If you're going to pass the blame, you'd better at least pick someone who can actually commit the crime!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break in Arizona

This year for Spring Break we went to....
well...actually we were in Chandler most of the time. But yes, we were in Arizona with our friends the Johnstons.
We started off the vacation with a trip to the Mesa Temple.
It was a busy day there. Thanks Russ and Stacey for watching our kids too.

Then we headed off to the Saguaro Lake for a picnic and boat rides.
Waiting at the dock. It took two trips to get us all there.

Picnic time on a little beach.

Emmee and Paige playing in the cold water.

Adam having some fun. (He had previously fallen in the cold water and his shirt was drying on a tree limb.

Andrew and Brandon chillin' on the blanket.

Having fun on the boat.
Russ driving the boat.

The next day we headed to a park for another picnic and a trip to South Mt. (a look out point)

Here's the lookout point over Phoenix.
Paige, Cassidee, Emmalynn, Adam and Kallie.

We had lots of fun. We also had a BBQ at Stacey's parents' house that night.
On the last day we went to the Reniassance Festival. It was super fun. Those pictures will need their own blog.
Thanks for the fun weekend, Johnston Family. (We missed hanging out with Will and Kyle too.)