Thursday, September 3, 2009

Toy organizers

I've never had any toy organizers in the kids' bedrooms before. I was determined to get some in this new house. I found these at Target and put them together. (Actually Dan did Adam's.) The bins come separately. They have little handles on one side and come in lots of different colors. The shelf can serve two purposes: bookshelf and toy bins.

This one's in the girls' room.

This one's in Adam's room.


Heidi said...

we have those in the toy area downstairs too and like them!! I don't think a single one has been ripped apart yet - mother approved!

Staceygirl said...

Paige likes to dump hers out, turn it upside down, and sit on it. My girls are the spreaders... they can't stand to take just one toy out and play with it. They insist on dumping everything out. It's annoying!! Cute new picture, but I think you ought to crop it so the lady sticking her tongue out will be gone and also the random folks in the back. Unless... they're in your family (?) Hehe.

Leesa Marie Jones said...

I don't know how to crop it yet. I just pulled in off my camera. I need Dan to show me how.
The lady sticking her tongue out is my sisters mother-in-law!! I don't know the people in the back.
It will get cropped, someday.
I want another picture, but they are all in storage still.

Ryan Family said...

those are great!