Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cheese Noddles and Bananas

Today the kids and I were eating lunch. We (except Cassee) had Mac n Cheese, aka by the Riskedahl's Cheese Noodles.
Out of the blue Emmalynn says: Cheese noodles are like bananas.
Me: oh, really.
Emmee: becept (except) they (meaning the noodles) have a hole on the top and a hole on the bottom.
Me: how are they like bananas?
Emmee: well becept they are cheesy.
Me: so, again, how are they like bananas?
Emmee: they are both yellow.
Me: but the noodles are orange.
Pause... Emmee thinking.
Emmee: well there's three things wrong here. (1) they have holes in the top and bottom,
(2) they are cheesy, and (pause)
Me: (thinking: there's a hundred ways cheese noodles are NOT like bananas)
Emmee: (3) you can't peel them.
Me: LOL And so tell me again, how are cheese noodles and bananas alike????

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Mom Club

I've joined a club!
It's called The Moms of Bloomfield. One of the ladies from PTA invited me.
They meet in the Baptist Church once a month. The kids go one direction and the moms go another direction. They do different things each time. Sometimes it's a craft, skill, or inspirational speaker. Then they have a potluck lunch. It costs $5.00 each time you go (instead of a monthly or yearly due). That covers the kids and crafts, etc.
Throughout the month they also do activities with the kids.
Yesterday we went to the Sutherland Farms. It's a big pumpkin patch with a small corn maze, little pumpkins patch, hay ride, train ride (for kids), snacks, petting zoo, and corn pit.
You're probably thinking, "what's a corn pit?" Exactly what it sounds like. It's bordered with hay bales and is like a giant sand box, but instead of sand it's field corn. It was so cool.

Here's our hay ride.

This is the kiddie train ride. Cassee is in the second car back.

By the front there is a purple cow (next to the Purple Cow Cafe). They actually have teets on the cow filled with water. The kids pretend to milk it. It made me laugh.
For more pictures look at Adam and Cassee's blogs. Emmee was in school and missed out. But I think the whole family will go on Saturday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Hammock

We have some fabulous trees is the back yard for hammocks. There are two willow trees (one actually looks like it is dying) in the middle of the back yard. They have huge trunks. Today Dan put the hammock up between them.

It's a hammock Dan brought back from Brasil.

And since we are still enjoying 70 degree weather, I'm sure we'll be using it a lot more this fall.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Number 4

Ok everyone, Baby number 4 is in the oven. We weren't sure who to tell first. We couldn't call everyone at the same time. Whoever is the first to read our blog is the first to find out. We are due sometime in the middle of June. Yes, Ronda, I'm only about 5 minutes pregnant! Hopefully all goes well!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Unpacking Mess

We got all our stuff on Wednesday. We are surrounded by boxes.
Here is our horrid unpacking mess. Actually it's only a couple of them.
Each picture show a different, separate mess of packing paper. They all happen to be taken in the same spot, the living room.

At 2:29 pm

At 2:49 pm.

At 3:05 pm

At 4:08 pm
All these pictures combined only shows about a fourth (maybe, but probably not even) of the unpacking materials.