Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Bathroom Dilemma

For Dorothy, who spent much time with me examining the bathroom section at Target.
We have an interestingly colored bathroom floor. It has made finding matching bathroom accessories difficult. This is the fourth set of stuff I've gotten. Target might ban me from the store soon. I just can't make up my mind or find anything just right. What's your opinion?

The colors in the floor are a Santa Fe reddish-orange and tan color combination.

Here's the latest shower curtain I've gotten. The stripe of orange and red match pretty good.

Here's the rest of the stuff: the rug, a bathmat, washcloths, and decorative towels.


Sally said...

i think that could look really cute. you could accent with the blue, if you can find matching stuff, like a cup and toothbrush holder.

Jill said...

I think you should just redo the floor.

Ryan Family said...

Put it up and let's see the picture. I think it will look fabulous.

Sassy Lewis said...

I love the shower curtain, but would continue looking for towels and accessories that match that.