Friday, September 18, 2009

The Life of a Moving Box...After Moving

Oh, what to do with all the moving boxes!?

Play in them, what else?
When the Ryan cousins came to visit they had a fabulous idea to decorate and play in the boxes. They each made their own.

My kids have had countless hours playing in the gigantic boxes! But...someday soon those big boxes will have to find a new home. (Like next week when we close on the house and the rest of our stuff gets here and there won't be room for big boxes!)

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Sally said...

when we moved here, we had some friends that were planning on moving a couple of months after us, so poor sam didn't get to play with any of the boxes! we just flattened them and stored them in the garage until we gave them to our friends... i didn't realize how neglected sam was... you could do a toy story type of thing, like how andy made them into the bank and cows and stuff. i always thought that was a cute idea from pixar!