Monday, August 31, 2009

The new house in Bloomfield!

Here are some pictures of our new house in NM.

This is the front view of the house.

And here's the back view. The middle French doors go into the family room. The garage door on the right goes into Dan's workshop and the patio doors at the far left go into the master bedroom.

This is the living room from the front door. The fireplace is wood burning. The doorway across the room leads to the family room. The door on the left goes to the laundry room, and then to the garages.

This is the family from the corner. On the far right is the stone platform which has a pellet stove. The large doorway on the right leads to the living room. The large doorway on the left leads to the dining room. The kitchen is on the backside of the fireplace.

This is the kitchen. The oven is in the wall, separate from the range. The frig is huge and takes up too much space. At the top of the picture is a skylight.

Sorry I don't know how to rotate the pictures. This is the main bathroom. It also has a skylight. It now has a shower curtain too. The master bath is a 3/4 bath.

This is the extra garage in the back. It's more like a workshop. Around the door on the left there is a work table. The front garage is a typical two car garage. Sorry, no pic.

There are four bedrooms. Two are quite large. The two for the kids are good sized as well. It has more than 2400 square feet. It's on a half acre lot with lots of trees in the back. We are excited to get our hammocks out of the storage unit! It's a very quiet neighborhood on what used to be an apple orchard. Many of the neighbors have original apples trees. Sadly, we do not.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

You know you've been working to hard when...

Friday night is the only night I splurge and watch a movie after the kids are in bed. Saturday nights get too late with 9:00 church. So I started a movie about 8:30ish. Dan says he's going to be soon, he has to go to work at 5:30 the next morning. (note: he's been working 10 1/2 hour days this whole week.) Okay, fine. Go to bed.
The movie ends around 11:30 and I head to bed.
There's a lamp on low left on for me, so I try to be as quiet as possible. Dan wakes up anyway, looks at me and says "good morning." I thought it was an odd thing to say, maybe he's just being sarcastic.
Then he looks at the clock and says out loud, "it's 11:30". Good he sees that it's still nighttime. Right?
I head to the bathroom and realize (too late of course) that I need more toilet paper. I call for Dan (since he's awake anyway) and he gets up and brings me some.
I finish my bathroom nighttime routine and go back to the bedroom. He's kneeling by the bed.
I say, "What are you doing?"
"Praying," he responds.
OK, he must have forgotten to pray earlier, right? I kneel down to pray with him and I say the NIGHTTIME (wording should have been noticed, right?) prayer.
I then get into bed and he heads for the bathroom. After a few minutes I realize the shower is running.
"What is he doing?" I wonder. I go in the bathroom, he's taking a shower.
I ask "Why are you showering now."
"Isn't it morning?" he asks.
How could he still think it was morning?? He had actually said out loud, "it's 11:30."
We both just laughed, it was so funny.
I think being 6 hours early for work is a little excessive.
And, by the way, the next morning he didn't remember getting me the toilet paper either!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The first paycheck

We were all very excited on Thursday when Dan came home with his first paycheck from Raytheon. I wanted to take a picture of Dan holding it, but he said, "no way, that's too lame." I told him I wanted to post it on our blog, then he offered to take my picture. I said no way as well. So in the end we have no picture of the first paycheck. It's now in the bank. (I actually had to deposit it, he doesn't have the direct deposit set up yet. I haven't done that in forever!) Good times!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

We are the newest New Mexicans!

Hello everyone
Many of you know we are officially moved to New Mexico! The house we plan to buy is about 3 miles outside of Bloomfield, and about 6 miles from Farmington (not too far from the Four Corners area). We are renting the house before we close on it in Sept.
Dan started his new job 2 weeks ago. This Friday he will get his first paycheck in over 16 months! We are all pretty excited about that one. We just might have to have a celebration dinner eating out! If anyone wants to come join us this Friday we will treat and pay the whole bill!!
Emmalynn started school a week ago too. She's not sure she loves it yet. She really hasn't made any friends. Hopefully she won't take too long to get comfortable there. She gets on the bus at 7:05 and school starts at 7:45! This has taken some adjustment for everyone. She gets out of school at 2:45 and gets home from the bus at 3:21. Some bus ride huh? That's almost as bad as my bus ride as a kid in ND, half hour in the morning and 1 hour after school. Crazy huh!
Cassee is enjoying the extra mommy attention. We read books and play games when Adam is napping. She misses her playmate too and is very excited to see the bus after school.
Adam is a crazy little boy who insists on feeding himself these days (a very messy situation) and can't seem to leave the garden hose alone. He's very busy all day and seems to learn an new word everyday.
I'm getting the hang of being single again. I got too used to having Dan around all the time. Most of our stuff is still in storage, so I'm actually quite bored much of the time.
Except of course when I'm cleaning up water messes, broken bowls and glasses, piles of dirt and crackers everywhere, Adam is a VERY busy boy! Isn't being a mom fun?!!