Sunday, June 20, 2010

Andrew at 1 week old.

My baby has made it through his first week of life. Amazing since his older sisters always want to be holding him (or man-handling him in my opinion) and his older brother bopping his head constantly and saying "that's baby Andrew". Yes, yes, and his going to be with us forever.
He likes to have something against his little face as he sleeps. Makes me a little nervous actually!
He's a sweet little sleeper...during the day. Mommy has had a few not-so-sleep-filled nights. Hopefully we'll get that straightened out soon.

Also my fabulous mother-in-law, Chris, came to help. She and Sydney, my niece, came the day after he was born and stayed a whole week. They did lots of dishes, cleaning, cooking, and most importantly, entertaining my other children. They did something fun everyday to get them out of the house so I could sleep and/or rest. They were awesome. I couldn't have survived without them. Thanks you two!!
Adam, you little snitcher!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Peacock

So, this morning Emmalynn comes running into the house and says that there's a peacock in the backyard. Yeah right, I'm thinking. She's six and obviously confused. And of course as soon as I got out to see it, it "flew" away.
But my thirteen year old niece, Syndey, was also out there and claimed it was a female peacock.
Sure enough about a half hour later Emmalynn comes running in again saying it was back.
I head out with the camera and caught this:
This is in the side yard next to the shed.

It flew to the top of the fence and went to the front yard.
Sydney took these pictures as it headed across our front yard and into the neighbors yard.
Never thought I'd see a peacock in my yard!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 days old!

Here's to playing around with the camera.
This was the first picture.
Then, because of the flash in his face, he gave me a frowny face.
Then a big yawn. Living is such hard work you know.
And of course, a little sisterly love.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Andrew's first video!

Andrew's First Pictures

Sorry for the delay. Dan never quite got to it!
Here's a few at delivery:

Here are the hospital visitors:
Dan's mom, Chris, and his oldest niece, Sydney, made it just in time. We checked out about 2 hours later. We're so glad they came to help out!!!

And here's a few close-ups:
Thanks for the new outfit Nana!

Too bad that yawn didn't mean he wanted to sleep AT ALL his first night home!!!!! And yes, even though looking at it now it looks a little like a scream, it actually was a yawn. Mommy had many to match too.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Andrew Perkins Jones is Here!

Drew (we aren't sure if we will call him that yet...we'll see) was born on June 11, 2010 in Farmington, New Mexico at 4:50 pm. He was 22 inches long and weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces. He is very healthy and Mommy is doing well also. We would have posted pictures tonight if Dan remembered to bring the camera home! He left it with Leesa at the hospital. We will post soon enough.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Fridge

Getting the fridge into place was quite the fun.
The island counter top ended up being about 5 inches too wide and completely changed the way in which we were able to get the fridge into its place.
Refrigerators have wheels, but those wheels only move forward and backward. Due to our kitchen dimensions and the obnoxiously large fridge we have, we needed to move it sideways through the kitchen. Enter...the dolly.
The fridge was placed in the dining room for the duration of the remodel.
Watch that ceiling!!

Not much extra space to work with.

Good thing they removed the pantry door. That curve was a little tough.

We only have to retouch the wall in a few places!

And we only ended up with two new scratches on our BRAND NEW FLOOR!

Funny...I never did take a picture of the fridge in its actual final resting place. (You can see the space right behind Dan.)

As soon as the pantry gets painted and stuff on the counters finds its way there, we'll take some final pictures!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our new kitchen...97% done

Here's Leesa cooking our first meal in our new kitchen! Noodles and meatballs! We still need to put the fridge in and the toe kicks need to go in but this is pretty much the way it will look. On the far left side of the picture is a "locker" style cabinet against a wall. We love it already. by Dan
(The floor isn't quite as dark as the picture portrays. The lighter strips of color actually match the cabinet color.)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Appliances!

***Please ignore the debris all over the countertops. They are covered with tools, random pieces of building materials and a few things that had to be removed from a few cupboards.

Putting the appliances into the kitchen was quite a fiasco!
First the sink attempted to go in, but the cut in the countertop wasn't big enough.
Then the hole for the stovetop was a bit too small as well. The countertop guys had to come back out and recut everything.

The dishwasher was pretty much the only appliance that went in without a problem. Thanks to my Uncle Ray from Portland, OR. (He did all the electrical and plumbing work for us!!)The stove top is bigger than a normal one. It has 5 burners! I'm so excited!!
Then the microwave space wasn't wide enough and the cabinet guy had to come back to shift over two sets of cabinets. He also had to cut out some trim for the wall oven to fit because that didn't fit in either.
The fridge hasn't been put in it's place yet either. If you look closely you can see the floor is about half finished in this picture. The top of the island turned out to be about 5 inches too wide and therefore getting the fridge into it's place is going to be VERY TRICKY because the space around the island to the other counters isn't big enough.Needless to say it's been a crazy last few days of nothing fitting where it needed to fit and everyone involved having to come back to redo something! By the end of the week everything should be in place except the toe kick around the lower cabinets. I'm so glad we are at the tail end of this project. Tomorrow I'll be able to use all the appliances if I so choose!!