Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Trip to Utah

We headed up to Utah last Thursday for a packed in weekend.
On Friday I headed to the Davis Hospital to see Alycia, my best friend from my childhood in ND. She had a baby boy on Thursday. Also pictured is my dad, Alycia's husband, Tyson and daughter Brenna.

Then on Saturday was the baptism of my niece, Kylee Christenson.
Here are my kids and my sister Ronda's kids. (Sally hadn't gotten there yet.)

Sunday had more than on event.
Of course it was Mother's Day. Here is my mother (who flew in from ND on Thursday) and my sisters Ronda and Sally.

Here's my own little family that I'm the mother of!
And my three beautiful children.

Cassee's birthday is very close to Mother's Day every year. My nephew, Sam, has a birthday about 10 days later. Cassidee and Sam are the same age as well. We also celebrated their fourth birthdays while we had everyone there.
And lastly, here's a little shot of Adam eating some cake and wearing one of Cassee's new presents.


Here at home said...

How fun! I hope your travel was comfortable. You are so brave. Awesome that you got to spend time with your family for mothers day.

Staceygirl said...

I bet it was great to be with family again. You just don't realize how nice it is to be nearby until you're not. You know I can sympathize with that! Cassee's hair is improving - I hope the scissors are safely hidden!

John Andersen said...

Births, Baptisms, Mothers Day..man, you guys really packed it in on your trip through Utah!

I just stumbled on your blog and saw your post about your trip to Utah. I recently created a utah trip activity book for our six kids. Maybe it can help it you pass through the state again.

Here is the link if you are interested:
Utah Travel Guide for Kids

Enjoy the upcoming summer!