Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School is out! Sleeping in? NOT!!

I had to rejoice yesterday when I left the school after Emmalynn's little Kindergarten graduation ceremony. With the baby coming in only a few weeks, I'm glad to do less running around and early mornings. Emmee gets on the bus at 7:05 am. I wake her up at 6:30 am.
Last night I was happily telling Dan how excited I was to sleep in the next morning. He was rather jealous himself. (He leaves the house about 5:30 am to get to work by 6.)
Well...things didn't turn out quite so well for me this morning. Adam came running into my room this morning ready for the day and asking for breakfast. I looked at the clock...5:55!! Are you kidding me!! Not only did I not get to sleep in, at all, I was up a half hour earlier than normal!!
Of all days. I hope this doesn't start a new trend with that kid! It's way to light outside at 6 in the morning!
Dan is going to have a good laugh about this tonight!

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