Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Family

My family has definitely been neglected lately due to the ripped out kitchen. Life has been a little crazy. Here's a little update on each of the kids.

Adam - he's a VERY talkative and nosy two year old. He recently graduated to a toddler bed. Going to bed has been a bit more of a challenge because he now constantly climbs out of his bed. He things it's awesome to talk to Baby Andrew in mommy's tummy, and then talk to the babies in everyone's tummys. He really has no idea what will invade his happy little life in a few short weeks.

Cassidee - she has recently turned 4 and finished preschool for the summer. She'll be going back in the fall and will be able to ride the bus. (She's very excited about that!) She got a hair cut yesterday in another attempt to fix the hair cut she gave herself about 6 months ago. And she recently visited a ear-nose-and-throat doctor, again, to check her hearing problem. It sounds like she will most likely need tubes and/or her adnoids removed this fall. Not fun.

Emmalynn - she is the newest Kindergarten Graduate in our home. She is now 6 and determines a day good or bad according to how much fun she has. Often an hour of work can throw her into a "bad" day very quickly. She is my biggest helper and has no idea how much work she is going to be doing this summer!!

Baby Andrew - he is not yet born, however, his mother wishes he was. He is sitting VERY low on my pelvic area and has made pretty much every sitting/standing/laying position possible very uncomfortable. His due date cannot come fast enough! Thank goodness the school year is now over! (And the kitchen had better be done by the time he does come!)

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