Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Makeshift Kitchen

First of all, here is the look of my kitchen lately. The pantry and side wall are framed in. We are just waiting for the electrical and plumbing work to be finished so that the walls can be sheetrocked and painted.
This is what the makeshift kitchen (aka Dining Room) looks like right now.
Here's another angle.
Every corner of the dining room is filled.

We kept the microwave we had used in Utah. Good thing too! It's our main cooking appliance now.

Of course with no sink we've had fun (NOT) washing dishes in the tub. Since I am almost 8 months pregnant...guess who gets to do the dishes in the bathroom!!
Now, doesn't that just look fun!?
This project just cannot get done fast enough for me!!!!
(By the way, that's over a weeks worth of dishes. We are loving paper products lately!)


Alycia said...

Looks crazy!!! I LOVE the pictures of Dan doing dishes - Tyson feels really sorry for him:)

Jill said...

I hope your tub was clean. Looks like tons of fun. Next time there's whining in my house about doing dishes I'm going to show the picture of Dan. :)

Staceygirl said...

That seems so wrong to do the dishes so close to the toilet. Of course, you know how I felt about using the kitchen tongs to retrieve toilet paper out of the toilet. Couldn't you find a stick or something to do the job? :) I sure hope you are back in your kitchen soon... that looks like the pits! If I were there, I'd have you over for dinner. Oh well...