Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Garden In New Mexico

This year we planted Big Boy, La Roma, and Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes. We were very surprised to see how well they all have grown! The plant that comes up to my nose is a Big Boy. I have never seen Romas get so big either.

They got a little too big for their cages and in some strong winds a few branches almost broke off. Itried to prop them up with another cage in hopes of saving a few tomatoes.

Here are some Big Chiles that we may try roasting...I never even heard of roasting chiles until we got here to NM. When they are in season people sell roasted chiles all over the place.


Staceygirl said...

I want to be there in your garden feasting on tomatoes... the slimy, seedy juice running down my arms and face. Seriously, life hasn't been the same since I had to drive out of Utah with my last batch of Jones tomatoes... sigh

Chapman Herd said...

you must email me the recipe to roasted peppers! Your garden looks fabulous!!

Swain Family said...

Look at you growing real plants out in the desert! :) I find the dry nothingness suits me! I don't grow things, I kill them! ;) I am green with envy!