Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sibling Jealousy

Everyone wonders how your little kids will react to having a new baby. Will they love him? Will they be jealous? Hmmm.
Baby Andrew was a bit cranky and I was feeding him or holding/bouncing him around all morning. Well, jealousy ended up rearing it's ugly head. Was it Adam, my little two year old boy who used to be the baby?? Was it tempermental Cassidee who's happy one minute and crying the next?? was my happy, big helper Emmalynn. These are the comments I heard from her all morning.
"I wish I was that little and you could carry me around all day."
"I wish we didn't have him cause all he does is eat and cry."
"I don't think you should have any more babies...ever again."
"This is the worst day ever."
Yikes, I think we need school to start again, and soon. This kid needs way more attention from ... anyone!

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Here at home said...

This is how they learn. Poor girl. The one you would have least expected it from. They will all show their jealousy in some form.
School starts when?