Friday, July 9, 2010

Year Supply of TP

When we moved from Utah on the 6th of Aug. we had A LOT of toilet paper. That's one thing I NEVER want to run out of! It's always hard to tell how long a roll will last (especially when your two year old unrolls half of it into the toilet). I had no idea how long the amount I had would really last.
We opened the last 24 roll pack this week! I'm amazed that I actually had almost a year supply of toilet paper. It will be really close to a full year by the time this whole pack is gone. Amazing huh??
The bad part: I never counted how many we started our year with. I still don't know how much toilet paper we use in a year! I guess you are just always safe when you have a lot around, right? hehe

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Grand Pa Pa said...

When we were in Hawaii we learned one thing. Rice and toilet paper are the first thing people will buy and store. They will also make excellent barter items. Aloha