Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Mom Club

I've joined a club!
It's called The Moms of Bloomfield. One of the ladies from PTA invited me.
They meet in the Baptist Church once a month. The kids go one direction and the moms go another direction. They do different things each time. Sometimes it's a craft, skill, or inspirational speaker. Then they have a potluck lunch. It costs $5.00 each time you go (instead of a monthly or yearly due). That covers the kids and crafts, etc.
Throughout the month they also do activities with the kids.
Yesterday we went to the Sutherland Farms. It's a big pumpkin patch with a small corn maze, little pumpkins patch, hay ride, train ride (for kids), snacks, petting zoo, and corn pit.
You're probably thinking, "what's a corn pit?" Exactly what it sounds like. It's bordered with hay bales and is like a giant sand box, but instead of sand it's field corn. It was so cool.

Here's our hay ride.

This is the kiddie train ride. Cassee is in the second car back.

By the front there is a purple cow (next to the Purple Cow Cafe). They actually have teets on the cow filled with water. The kids pretend to milk it. It made me laugh.
For more pictures look at Adam and Cassee's blogs. Emmee was in school and missed out. But I think the whole family will go on Saturday.

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Grandmama said...

The Mom Club! That sounds perfect. Now you will have play pals! The farm sounded like Thanksgiving Point at Halloween, but I've never seen a corn pit. I love reading all the news!
Love, Grandmama