Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cheese Noddles and Bananas

Today the kids and I were eating lunch. We (except Cassee) had Mac n Cheese, aka by the Riskedahl's Cheese Noodles.
Out of the blue Emmalynn says: Cheese noodles are like bananas.
Me: oh, really.
Emmee: becept (except) they (meaning the noodles) have a hole on the top and a hole on the bottom.
Me: how are they like bananas?
Emmee: well becept they are cheesy.
Me: so, again, how are they like bananas?
Emmee: they are both yellow.
Me: but the noodles are orange.
Pause... Emmee thinking.
Emmee: well there's three things wrong here. (1) they have holes in the top and bottom,
(2) they are cheesy, and (pause)
Me: (thinking: there's a hundred ways cheese noodles are NOT like bananas)
Emmee: (3) you can't peel them.
Me: LOL And so tell me again, how are cheese noodles and bananas alike????


Jill said...

That's a pretty funny little monologue.

Chapman Herd said...

Hello!!! I didn't know you have a blog! And congratulations on the pregnancy thing! Very exciting!

The Van Komen's said...

Hello Leesa!! Liseanne told me about your blog so that I can too stalk it like herself!! Congratulations on the pregnancy, I hope it all goes well. Feel free to drop by our blog!