Monday, August 24, 2009

We are the newest New Mexicans!

Hello everyone
Many of you know we are officially moved to New Mexico! The house we plan to buy is about 3 miles outside of Bloomfield, and about 6 miles from Farmington (not too far from the Four Corners area). We are renting the house before we close on it in Sept.
Dan started his new job 2 weeks ago. This Friday he will get his first paycheck in over 16 months! We are all pretty excited about that one. We just might have to have a celebration dinner eating out! If anyone wants to come join us this Friday we will treat and pay the whole bill!!
Emmalynn started school a week ago too. She's not sure she loves it yet. She really hasn't made any friends. Hopefully she won't take too long to get comfortable there. She gets on the bus at 7:05 and school starts at 7:45! This has taken some adjustment for everyone. She gets out of school at 2:45 and gets home from the bus at 3:21. Some bus ride huh? That's almost as bad as my bus ride as a kid in ND, half hour in the morning and 1 hour after school. Crazy huh!
Cassee is enjoying the extra mommy attention. We read books and play games when Adam is napping. She misses her playmate too and is very excited to see the bus after school.
Adam is a crazy little boy who insists on feeding himself these days (a very messy situation) and can't seem to leave the garden hose alone. He's very busy all day and seems to learn an new word everyday.
I'm getting the hang of being single again. I got too used to having Dan around all the time. Most of our stuff is still in storage, so I'm actually quite bored much of the time.
Except of course when I'm cleaning up water messes, broken bowls and glasses, piles of dirt and crackers everywhere, Adam is a VERY busy boy! Isn't being a mom fun?!!


Sally said...

we definitely love being treated to eating out, but i don't know if jason will go for the 12 hours in the car to get one meal for free... so we probably won't be down this friday... as much as i would love to see your new house and everything. but if you're serious about thanksgiving, that would be really fun!

Staceygirl said...

So, does Dan like his job? I forgot to ask last time I talked to you. I really wish we could have dinner with you. My mom and aunt are talking about returning to Farmington AGAIN. She said no one else has a reason to go, but I said that I do because my friend is there! If I get the chance, I will... like you said, school schedules kinda put a cramp in your lifestyle.