Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dan's New Job

Hi everyone,

I have received an offer from Raytheon and we are going to accept it! I still have to choose a specific start date but it will most likely be the 10th or 24th of August.

So, it is official, we are moving to the Farmington, New Mexico area! To all those who wanted to be the first ones to know, hopefully you read our blog because this is the first place it has been posted!

Dan Jones


Sally Cook said...

yeah! we're happy you got a job, but very sad to see you go. but i googled it and it's only 6 hours away from springville, so it's not as far as i originally thought. let me know if there is anything we can do to help with the move and what-not. love you guys!

Staceygirl said...

Good luck you guys!! We will so miss our dinners and fun times together. I was looking forward to the time when you had a new job so we could actually go out for some fun. Oh well, it's half our fault anyway! Funny that it's all happening at the same time. I guess it was meant to be. We'll definitely keep in touch and hopefully make a trip out there to check out your new digs. I am pretty sure I could invent a family vacation out of that!! Good luck finding a great house and all.

Heidi said...

:( Sad for us to see you go, but Great that you've received an offer!! :)

Yomama said...

Hi- just wandering through blogland, found yours on Alycia's, and had to tell you congratulations on the job, and your family is BEE-utiful! Good luck to you, God bless you in the job and your move, and maybe I will wander by again someday! (I'm no computer geek, but I sure love these blogs!)
Karla Cox