Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Peacock

So, this morning Emmalynn comes running into the house and says that there's a peacock in the backyard. Yeah right, I'm thinking. She's six and obviously confused. And of course as soon as I got out to see it, it "flew" away.
But my thirteen year old niece, Syndey, was also out there and claimed it was a female peacock.
Sure enough about a half hour later Emmalynn comes running in again saying it was back.
I head out with the camera and caught this:
This is in the side yard next to the shed.

It flew to the top of the fence and went to the front yard.
Sydney took these pictures as it headed across our front yard and into the neighbors yard.
Never thought I'd see a peacock in my yard!

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Chapman Herd said...

We used to have peacocks in our yard in the first house that we lived in. I LOVED them!!! How fun for your kids!