Sunday, June 13, 2010

Andrew's First Pictures

Sorry for the delay. Dan never quite got to it!
Here's a few at delivery:

Here are the hospital visitors:
Dan's mom, Chris, and his oldest niece, Sydney, made it just in time. We checked out about 2 hours later. We're so glad they came to help out!!!

And here's a few close-ups:
Thanks for the new outfit Nana!

Too bad that yawn didn't mean he wanted to sleep AT ALL his first night home!!!!! And yes, even though looking at it now it looks a little like a scream, it actually was a yawn. Mommy had many to match too.


Staceygirl said...

He's so adorable. Good job, you guys! He looks just like a Jones kid to us. Console yourselves in knowing that you're not the only people getting little sleep. My little guy woke up at 5:30am with the sun, and then when he finally went back to sleep around 6:30am, I couldn't sleep anymore!

Swain Family said...

He is beautiful! And your girls are SO big! I'm so happy for you guys! Yeah! :)

Amber said...

He is so cute! Congrats!

JudyFranz said...

Congratulations, Jones Family! Welcome to the world, baby Andrew! Much love coming your way from San Clemente--Aunt Judy & Uncle Norman

Alycia said...

Oh he's SO cute and sweet! He's really long! He looks like a good mix of all your other kids:)

Chapman Herd said...

Congrats Dan and Leesa! He is a very handsome little boy!!!