Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Fridge

Getting the fridge into place was quite the fun.
The island counter top ended up being about 5 inches too wide and completely changed the way in which we were able to get the fridge into its place.
Refrigerators have wheels, but those wheels only move forward and backward. Due to our kitchen dimensions and the obnoxiously large fridge we have, we needed to move it sideways through the kitchen. Enter...the dolly.
The fridge was placed in the dining room for the duration of the remodel.
Watch that ceiling!!

Not much extra space to work with.

Good thing they removed the pantry door. That curve was a little tough.

We only have to retouch the wall in a few places!

And we only ended up with two new scratches on our BRAND NEW FLOOR!

Funny...I never did take a picture of the fridge in its actual final resting place. (You can see the space right behind Dan.)

As soon as the pantry gets painted and stuff on the counters finds its way there, we'll take some final pictures!

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Staceygirl said...

Oh man, I cried when we accidentally scuffed our newly resurfaced floor with the stove. I learned from that, and when we put the fridge back, we bought a roll of linoleum and rolled it across that. It worked! You live and learn. And now I have tile, which is great.