Friday, April 23, 2010

Kitchen Remodel Begins!

Wednesday morning the demolition crew came faster than I expected. Before I knew it half the appliances were gone before I remembered to take the "before" pictures.

This is one side of the kitchen. On the far right is the space where the frig goes.

This is the other side. The counter is already gone, as is the stove top, microwave and oven, which was in the brick part sticking out.
This is the fireplace from the view of the living room. The back side of it created one of the kitchen "walls".

Here's a view from the front door.
The fireplace is very monstrous and takes up a lot of space. We wanted to upgrade the kitchen anyway. We decided to remove the fireplace altogether. Don't worry...we also have a pellet stove in the family room.
For another picture of what the kitchen looked like, check out the blog posted on Aug. 31 of '09 called "The new house in Bloomfield". It's the fifth picture down.

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