Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Fun

Here are some pictures of our Easter Fun.

These were taken the week before Easter. They are the Easter "outfits" my kids got this year. Adam is actually wearing a little suit that used to belong to my little brother Andrew. It's a old little suit and the pants were a little big for Adam. And, of course, he couldn't leave a tie on!

Then we dyed eggs on Friday the 2nd.
We didn't even have a major spill, although Adam did feel the need to "stir" the whole time his eggs were in the dye.

This is Easter morning with a little basket hunting. For more pictures of the individual kids check out their own blogs.
Adam's was, of course, found by his sisters first, so they needed to 'help' him!

Even Dan got to find "Mom and Dad's" basket. The Easter Bunny can't forget them, can he?

Here's Cassee starting to check out her basket.

Everyone found one of these bunny masks in their basket. The kids thought they were pretty fun to wear...all day long!

And last but not least, this was the little egg hunt in the back yard. Can't have Easter without that can we? Too bad all our cousins weren't here to do it with us!

We had fun and enjoyed General Conference on Easter Sunday, but it sure wasn't the same without having some family around to spend it with.


Sally said...

when i came downstairs easter morning i found sam in the middle of the living room surrounded by the contents of livia's basket and all the plastic eggs the easter bunny had "hidden" around the house. yet he was sad... because he couldn't find his basket. let's just say my pictures were less than planned.

Staceygirl said...

Nice pose, Dan. My kids were asking why Mom & Dad don't get Easter baskets. What they don't know is that the leftover candy is still hiding in our room. I noticed your kitchen is still not ripped apart... what's going on with that?