Sunday, September 12, 2010

The old and the older.

We got a new (used) piano Labor Day weekend. It's actually older than our old piano, but new to us.

Here's the old one.
It is an electric piano. It had different sound functions and could change key. It also had recorded songs in the different sounds that my kids have danced to since they were born. We are going to miss it, Emmee especially. It also had a volume control button! Mom and Dad are really going to miss that!!

Here's the new-older real piano.
It's not a fabulous style or brand, but it is a regular piano and we got it for a great price. For all those 11 students I teach, they can now play dynamics easier. The other one was harder to play loud or soft on.
It will do a fine job to fill our house with lovely music.


Staceygirl said...

That looks just like my in-laws' piano, too. I hope it brings you many years of enjoyment. I actually had a dream when I took a nap today that you guys were on your way to visit. Bummer when I woke up.

lawanna said...

Yeah! I love our piano, although it would be nice to be able to turn it off when the baby takes a nap!