Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cassee update again

She's bouncing off the walls this morning. Actually she was last night too.
She says neither her ears nor her throat hurt anymore. That was a fast recovery. She never took any of the pain medicine they prescribed for her. Thanks for all your prayers, they worked really fast this time!!
By the way, the adnoids are somewhere in the back of your throat somewhere. You can't see them when you open your mouth like you can with tonsils. They are very similar to tonsils too, they serve a small purpose but you can be just fine without them.
Cassee's were very large and pushing on her eustation(?) tubes causing the fluid in her ears to not have a chance to drain. Her ear drums had a lot of pressure behind them and they didn't vibrate hardly at all. They said she was hearing everything like her ears were plugged.
They scrape off the adnoids by going in through the mouth. Then they cauterize to stop the bleeding. Sounds nasty. You end up with a sore throat, although not as sore as if your tonsils were removed.
Cassee seems to feel fine and dandy already. She's a tough kid. Heck, she's had plugged ears for at least the last year of her life and never complained! We are glad it's over. (Until we see the bill!!!)


Jill said...

Hopes she continues to heal well and that her speech and hearing improve. Good luck with everything, we're happy that things are working out so well.

Staceygirl said...

I felt like that long explanation was just for me. Thanks! I'm glad Cassee is feeling fine and there are no complications or anything.

Swain Family said...

Well that is Fabulous! :) SO glad she is feeling better!