Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Brexton

We added to our family this summer with Brexton Lee Jones.
He was born on June 27 at 5:56 in the morning.  He weighed in at 7lb. 12 oz., was 21.5 inches long with lots of dark hair on the back of his head.  Not so much on the top.  He came out kinda looking like Dan!
It's exciting to have another baby to hold, but we sure do have our hands full now.

Happy  Mommy

Happy Daddy

Happy Brothers and Sisters


Staceygirl said...

We really miss you guys. I wish I could see him in real life.

Staceygirl said...

Next post is gonna be Big Brexton. Hahahaha.

Swain Family said...

This is very late, but CONGRATS!! They are some very cute kids! Holy cow, 5! You are amazing! We just had #4 and it is kicking my booty! Hahaha.

Staceygirl said...

It's nice to know that even the Joneses don't keep up with the Joneses. Hahaha. I crack myself up!