Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Start of a New School Year

It's always exciting to come to a new school year. I think the teacher in me is excited for school to start. It's a mid year point of reestablishing routines. Goals can be set and new friends made. I love the excitement of the beginning of school.
Here's an updated picture of each of the kids.

Emmalynn is in 2nd grade now and is 7 years old.
She will be taking piano lesson, soccer and 2 different dance classes, ballet/tap and clogging. She will be a busy girl!
And yes, she still has glasses, even though they are not on this picture. Out of her three pairs thus far we are down to one pair left.

Cassidee is in Kindergarten this year. She is having lots of fun with new friends.
She is also taking piano lessons, soccer and one dance class. She will also be busy!

Mr. Adam is in preschool at Ms. Sue's. He totally loves her and preschool.
He wishes he could be doing soccer and dance, but isn't old enough yet. (Thank goodness.)

And last of all, Little Andrew. He has started walking. He loves to bite anything around him...and I mean anything. He's lots of fun to have around, we just need to make sure the bathroom doors are ALWAYS shut!


Theresa Cooley said...

They sure do grow up fast! Great pictures! It made me smile just looking at all of them! Miss you guys!

Staceygirl said...

Emmee is looking more and more like you - she is all grown up! I bet Dan is excited for the day Adam wants to sign up for ballet :) I think he's going to be the opposite of Dan because, you know, the name. There was one boy in Kallie's dance class once...

Sally said...

i can already see the excitement on adam's face when he gets to wear a real tutu!! love that kid. he so makes me laugh!

Grandmama said...

Thanks for the pictures! Happy Scool days! Love, Grandmama

lawanna said...

Cute pictures! Your Andrew sounds a lot like our Andrew: he still bites and to date he's unrolled 1 TP in the toilet and emptied 3 tubes of toothpaste all over the carpet! Please close the bathroom door! ;)