Thursday, June 30, 2011

The summer trip - Part 1

This summer is flying by. We've not been home for most of it.
I decided to take the kids all over the country this year.
First we headed to ND to see my parents. The little town of Tuttle where I grew up had it's 100th centennial celebration. Good times and great memories of me as a kid there. The kids hung out with cousins Sam, Livia, and Annalee Cook. They got lots of "scooter" rides from Uncle Duane and watched him feed his little calves twice a day. Only sad thing was that it rained a lot of the days we were there. Andrew had his 1st birthday party and we got to see a lot of our extended relatives. We hung out at the farm with Nana and Papa for over two weeks.
Then we came to Nebraska where we are now. All week long the kids have had fun at this day camp they've attended.
Cassee managed to break her arm on our anniversary and Emmee came home with a sunburn today. We'll stay through the 4th of July before we head to Utah to see the Christensons and all the Jones Family.
More later will come on that leg of the trip!


Sally said...

poor cassee. how did she break her arm?

Staceygirl said...

Like broke, broke? Does she have a cast? Poor little lady. I am thinking I am missing you guys. I bet it was fun to be home on the farm, but without a Costco, what in the world did you do? Eat Dakota nachos all day?