Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time Flies!

Wow, the last 3 months just flew by. I tried posting a few times with adding pictures from our new camera, but the pictures were too big and they would never load. I was getting pretty irritated. I finally figured out how to adjust the camera, so hopefully they will work from now on. (I am pretty media retarded!) Posts are just not near as fun unless they have pictures!
We had lots of fun over the holidays. We had a fun week in Utah for Thanksgiving. We stayed home in New Mexico for Christmas and had my parents here for a few weeks.
Our New Years' plans were changed when a snow storm through Arizona prevented us from getting to our friends' house in Gilbert, AZ. We were very disappointed to miss seeing them then. We spent New Years' quietly at home watching movies and playing games. None of the kids actually made it to midnight though.
The kids are growing like weeds and I've been hopping busy with Boy scouts, piano lessons and PTA activities. I'm looking forward to the summer time more now than any year previously!
Soon I hope to get some more pictures and videos of the kids on the blog.


SkyTang said...

at the risk of being pretentious, there is a nice little program for the PC called fast stone image viewer. It is free and very nice to work with. With it, you can quite easily alter the resolution (size) of your current images so that you can use them on the web. Or you can always try picasa. We enjoy reading your posts, thanks.

Sally said...

let's both be better together! we can have a contest or something to see who can blog more in the next few weeks....
1,2,3... go!

Staceygirl said...

We were very sad you didn't come, too. But hooray for spring break! It's probably good to keep so busy. How is scouts going anyway?