Friday, March 12, 2010

Our little "Princess".

Adam watches his two big sisters, A LOT. He needs more male role models in his life!

Here he is with the play earrings. He often likes to wear the princess crowns too. When he has to fight with his sisters for their dress-up stuff he says, "I a princess!" I guess he hasn't heard the word "prince" enough!

This was yesterday. I left my make-up case on the bed and he got into the mascara. He knew it went on his eyelashes. He just also touched up his lips too.
And yes, he's wearing a poofy tutu. He loves to dance around in it while singing Cassee's favorite line, "Some day my prince will come."
Since he's only 2 it's still pretty funny. Hopefully he'll be past this by the time he turns five.
Dan's not so happy about his only son wanting to be a "princess"!!


steven said...

I'm sure he'll grow out of it. Do you remember when Braden was 3 and had on Snow White dresses at Ronda's house? Now, he wouldn't be caught dead in a princess dress.

Here at home said...

Too cute! I love the tutu. I wouldn't worry much about it. His dad will cure him of that, I'm sure. :)
One of my boys called my mascara 'church' because that is about the only time I put it on. Since we have no girls in this house, we don't have all the fun girlie stuff.

Staceygirl said...

Haha... I can imagine Dan's horror. Those pics will be priceless in the future, but Adam may never forgive you for posting it on your blog. I have one of Kyle in Paige's princess crown and earrings, and he was 7!