Monday, January 25, 2010

Wintertime in New Mexico

Wintertime in New Mexico: First of all, yes, it does exist. We are amazed too!
Last week we had three storms that came within about a week's time. The last storm dumped the snow on us. School was closed last Thursday and Friday. Dan even had the days off too. Crazy. The roads were icy and the lack of snowplows causes even more problems. We didn't mind at all!
Dan and the kids had a fun time playing in the backyard. Dan piled up a bunch of snow to make a "slide" for the girls. Emmee also made a snowman all by herself, but we didn't get a picture of him.
The girls had gotten snowpants last year for Christmas, which still fit them. Only Cassee had actual snow boots.
Poor Adam, on the other hand had nothing. Here he is wearing a "snowsuit" of sorts meant for a 9 month old baby. It was way to small for him! He's also just wearing his tennis shoes. He hung out in the swing more than in the snow.
It was mid-afternoon when they were outside. The flash on our camera doesn't carry very far, so it looks like dusk is coming on, but it wasn't!


Sally said...

wow, i'm surprised new mexico gets that much snow! looks like fun!

Staceygirl said...

Do you feel at home now? While you got snow, we got poured on. Paige and Kallie enjoyed the mud in our backyard. Russ went snowboarding yesterday with my sister and her husband and had a lot of fun. This is the life, I tell ya... drive a couple of hours if you want snow... stay home if you don't. It's a beautiful sunny day today!!