Saturday, March 21, 2009

Emmalynn's Accomplishment

At Emmalynn's preschool, Kiddie Kollege, they have a "Wall of Fame". When the kids learn to write their names REALLY well, they get to write it on the wall of fame. It's a big accomplishment when you can write your name perfectly, especially when you are four! Emmalynn was struggling to write her "y" just right and sometimes her "a" was backwards. The teachers are strict on her using the lines and making her letters a certain size. She usually made some too small. She has been practicing at home a lot. Yesterday she came home from school with a little certificate (and a treat) that she got to write her name on the wall of fame. She was so excited.
It's an exciting time in our house all around. Cassidee is nearly completely potty trained and Adam is getting close to walking. All we need is to get Dan a job and Leesa to repaint the kitchen and life will be complete. (for a while anyway!!)


Heidi said...

Good job Emmalynn!! That's awesome!
Have you decided on a paint color yet?

Jason C said...

hooray for emmee! and emmalynn is a pretty long name at that! i'll come up and help you paint if you want. just let me know when you're going to do it.

Sally Cook said...

actually that other comment was me too. sorry, i didn't realize jason was logged in.

Staceygirl said...

And you know I'll help you paint, too... if you trust me. Thanks for coming to my blog, and thanks for letting me tell you about all my worries today. Of all the things I'll miss about Utah, I'll miss you most... actually, you're probably the only thing I'll miss about Utah. Haha.

I won't miss fry sauce.